Strategy workbook &

big list of ideas

This workbook will take you through the good, the bad and the ugly. It helps you look at your social media profiles to date, and you’ll realize what you’ve done well, what could be improved upon, and what habits you need to kick. Make sure you are as true to yourself as you can be. No one is perfect, and through this exercise your business and social reach will grow and thrive!

About Yasha Sterling
"Yasha does exemplary work. Her knowledge of web design, content management, and digital marketing have led to really outstanding web pages to promote our products. She is efficient and very detailed-orientated, while working under tight time constraints. She is very dedicated to getting the job done." -via LinkedIn

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    If you're not planning how you're going to post your content on social media, you're doing yourself a sad disservice. If you're managing multiple accounts, it's important that each post is strategically scheduled based on how your metrics shape up.